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critique: my-first-function

From: James K. Lowden
Subject: critique: my-first-function
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2016 18:39:01 -0400

Although I've been using emacs for years, today was the first time I
set out to write a substantial (to me) function from first principles.
Below is what I came up with.  I wonder if anyone has a suggestion or
opinion on how it might have been done better, differently, or more in
the spirit of the emacs zeitgeist?  

(defun open-tall-frames ()
  "Open two tall frames."
  (let ( (frame-parameters 
          '((width . 80)
            (height . 60)
            (minibuffer . t)
            (window-system . x)))
         (frame1 (make-frame frame-parameters))
         (frame2 (make-frame frame-parameters))
  (set-frame-position frame1 -1 0)
  (set-frame-position frame2 (- (frame-pixel-width frame1)) 0)


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