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Re: how to fix too-dark blue keywords with black background

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: how to fix too-dark blue keywords with black background
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2016 16:04:53 +0200
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address@hidden writes:

> I only need to change one color - is there
> a simple way to do this in Putty or in emacs?

Place point at the text which has the color,
then use this function

    (defun what-face (pos)
      (interactive "d")
      (let((face (or (get-char-property pos 'face)
                     (get-char-property pos 'read-cf-name) )))
        (message " Face: %s" (or face "(no face!)")) ))

to find out what face it is.

If it is, say, `w3m-image-anchor', use this to
set it to white foreground, green background,
using the bold (or bright) version of white
(the fifth argument being t).

    (modify-face 'w3m-image-anchor   "white" "green"  nil t)

Eval these for cool effects with the Mode line:

    (modify-face 'mode-line          "white" "blue" nil t)
    (modify-face 'mode-line-inactive "white" "red"  nil nil)

Most often you don't want a background, so set it to nil:

    (modify-face 'gnus-group-news-6        "blue" nil nil t)

And so on. Dig deep...

If you want to change the color itself, i.e.
what RGB composition it means to be "white"
(and green, blue, red, etc.) I do this in the
Linux VTs and in xterm [1] - in PuTTY,
a Windows ssh/telnet client, I suspect it is
still possible.


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