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Re: fill comma separated list

From: Jorge A. Alfaro-Murillo
Subject: Re: fill comma separated list
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2016 14:36:53 -0400
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Kaushal Modi writes:

Jorge A. Alfaro-Murillo writes:

Let's play emacs golf: (I assume no whitespace and cursor at the initial 5): F3 C-e <space> C-d C-e <space> C-d C-e <backspace> C-n C-a F4 C-0 F4
14 key strokes.

With cursor at the initial 5, (1) F3 (2,3) M-4 M-^ (In fact, I have bound the functionality of C-u M-^ to C-j [see below]) (4,5) M-4 M-^ (6) C-n (7,8) M-0 F4 (you do not need to hit F4 and then do M-0 F4)

True! I didn't know that thanks!

8 keys (10 keys, if adding the 2 spaces) I count M-4/M-0 as single keystrokes as I use the Alt key, not Esc. That should be OK? :)

Cool! Most people would have do C-u instead of M-4, I thought there was something special with the 4, M-^ runs delete-indentation which joins this line with the previous and with universal argument joins this line with the following one.

I was also not sure if with OP wanted spaces or to remove the commas at the end. He posted it without the ; and I did it without commas at the end. For the emacs golf let's play leaving it at


For the OP, if you want indentation you should remove the commas at the end and take a look at csv-mode, in particular C-c C-a. Alternatively, transform it to:


And take a look at
===== If interested, I bind C-j to below: (defun modi/pull-up-line () "Join the following line onto the current one (analogous to `C-e', `C-d') or `C-u M-^' or `C-u M-x join-line'. If the current line is a comment and the pulled-up line is also a comment, remove the comment characters from that line." (interactive) (join-line -1) ;; If the current line is a comment (when (nth 4 (syntax-ppss)) ;; Remove the comment prefix chars from the pulled-up line if present (save-excursion ;; Delete all comment-start and space characters (while (looking-at (concat "\\s<" ; comment-start char as per syntax table "\\|" (substring comment-start 0 1) ; first char of `comment-start' "\\|" "\\s-")) ; extra spaces (delete-forward-char 1)) (insert-char ? )))) ; insert space --


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