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Re: Gnus shows duplicate groups

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Gnus shows duplicate groups
Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2016 17:23:06 +0200
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Matthias Pfeifer <address@hidden> writes:

> I am trying out gnus to read e-mail and have
> set it up to read gmail and another email
> account via imap. gmail is
> gnus-selecct-method and other account is in
> gnus-secondary-select-methods. I can access
> e-mail and it looks nice, however If i start
> gnus i get a couple of buffers

You mean groups?

Because there is only one buffer when you start
Gnus - the group buffer :)

> shown in two ways like this: For folder
> Newsletter/xyz i do have two groups
> "nnimap+gmail:Newsletter/xyz" and
> "Newsletter/xyz". This is a bit disturbing
> and i wonder how i can set up in a way that
> gives me one group per imap folder?

You remove a group with C-k or
`gnus-group-kill-group' with point at the line
with that group's name.

You create a group with `G m' or
`gnus-group-make-group'. Be prepared to enter
a bunch of information. Use TAB to autocomplete
if that helps.

To get it all loctited shut you need a bunch of
settings in init files as well, but if you have
that and only want to manage groups, killing
and making should get you halfway there.

Also, depending on what you mean by
"newsletter", I'd recommend checking out Gmane
- if it is there already, that is a head start.
More on that here:

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