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Restoring Old Key Binding for eval-expression

From: rwgpost
Subject: Restoring Old Key Binding for eval-expression
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2016 15:20:37 -0000
User-agent: G2/1.0

I am just starting to use a current version of Emacs that has eval-expression 
bound to M-:.  I used to use eval-expression a lot and loved being able to just 
type Esc Esc to invoke eval-expression.  Is there a way to restore this in my 
.emacs file?  I've tried several things, like:

 (global-set-key "\M-ESC" 'eval-expression)
 (global-set-key "\M-ESC" 'eval-expression)
 (global-set-key "ESC-ESC" 'eval-expression)

but I can't get any of these to work.  M-: is unwieldy as I have to hit the 
Meta key, the colon, and the shift key all at the same time.

I really miss Esc Esc, which used to work I guess because the old binding was 
M-Esc, and Esc-Esc did the same thing.

I've tried googling for help on this but am having trouble finding anything.  
When I google "emacs restore m-esc eval-expression' I just get a lot of hits 
from old documentation on Emacs when it used to have the old key binding...



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