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erase current file from disk

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: erase current file from disk
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2016 15:21:20 -0000
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Let's see if I can reach (or
actually the mailing list) by way of

Here is something I have thought about doing, and
now I've done it:

    (defun delete-current-file ()
      (let*((file   (buffer-file-name))
            (prompt (format "delete %s on disk? " file)) )
        (when (yes-or-no-p prompt)
          (delete-file file) )))
    (defalias 'delete-this-file 'delete-current-file)

Useful for example when you open a file - Emacs says
it "has auto save data; consider M-x
recover-this-file", you get the file up and see it
isn't anything to loose, you fire off the defun and
all that gone.

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