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Raspbian, Debian and Emacs/LaTeX repositories

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Raspbian, Debian and Emacs/LaTeX repositories
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2016 12:19:25 +0200
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Speaking recently of LaTeX (well, Biblatex) and now
the ELPAs and MELPAs, I thought I'd tell you
I recently installed "Raspbian" on my 2014,
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B - made in the UK, by the way,
where else?

Anyway Raspbian is another distro based on Debian, and
you probably haven't been this surprised since you
heard the Pope is Catholic, but this time it actually
makes some sense, since the R-Pi is another piece of
hardware altogether, and this benefits from some
special stunts, with the distro, but also with the
software, e.g. the omxplayer which is optimized to
play media and so.

Now, after installing TeX Live, I compiled a LaTeX
document and as expected, it asked for several .sty
files with extentions and all kinds of stuff that
wasn't there, despite TeX Live already a huge thing.

What was unexpected tho was the program I had used on
my Debian, tlmgr (TeX Live Manager?) - that program
wasn't in the repositories, so I'd to track the files
one by one - this sure wasn't easy, but with
apt-file(1), I bagged it.

The reason for this castling is supposedly the
increased control of software that the distro people
are exercising. Now everyone should know LaTeX is
a HUGE world of software. Also LaTeX people are often
more gentle and appreciative, and much less combative
than the typical Lisp or C programmer...

One has to wonder, how this plays out with the
Emacs Lisp repositories, as 1) there is now way they
can ever bring all that in, and 2) there has already
been conflicts between the GNU and Debian projects
over much minor issues.

So my bet is, nothing will happen!

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