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Is this hint from speedbar customization group correct?

From: Matthias Pfeifer
Subject: Is this hint from speedbar customization group correct?
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2016 12:44:50 +0200

Hi there,

I have emacs running on windows (64-bit) and I was recently
trying to get speedbar customized so that it fits my needs. In the Speedbar
customization group (M-x customize-group speedbar) I found the entry
"Speedbar Sort Tags" like follows:
Speedbar Sort Tags
   If non-nil, sort tags in the speedbar display.  *Obsolete*. Hide
   Use ‘semantic-tag-hierarchy-method’ instead.
Looking for semantic-tag-hierarchy-method showed up nothing, but however
there exists speedbar-tag-hierarchy-method:
Hide Speedbar Tag Hierarchy Method:
[ ] speedbar-prefix-group-tag-hierarchy
        Prefix group names for tag hierarchy LST.
[ ] speedbar-trim-words-tag-hierarchy
        Trim all words in a tag hierarchy. More
[ ] speedbar-simple-group-tag-hierarchy
        Create a simple ‘Tags’ group with orphaned tags. More
[X] speedbar-sort-tag-hierarchy
        Sort all elements of tag hierarchy LST.
    State : SAVED and set.
   List of hooks which speedbar will use to organize tags into groups. Hide
   Groups are defined as expandable meta-tags.  Imenu supports
   such things in some languages, such as separating variables from
   functions.  Each hook takes one argument LST, and may destructively
   create a new list of the same form.  LST is a list of elements of the
     (ELT1 ELT2 ... ELTn)
   where each ELT is of the form
Since i don't know about semantic (or speedbar) to weel I wonder if the
hint for semantic-tag-hierarchy-method was actually ment to be for
speedbar-tag-hierarchy-method and in case of that if its necessary to file
a bug.


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