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Re: Icicles for filename insertion in buffer

From: B.V. Raghav
Subject: Re: Icicles for filename insertion in buffer
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2016 01:19:50 +0530
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Drew Adams <address@hidden> writes:

> Your #1, #2, and #3 do not seem to be about Icicles.  And I don't
Sorry that I assumed a bit too much. I meant how can I make use of
Icicles to create a function like this:

> know what function `insert-file-name-relative-include-directories' is.
That inserts at point the part of file-name selected by icicles(? is that the
correct grammar?) relative to the given include path.

Again apologies for being unclear.

> [I take it that you are not talking about insertion, into the minibuffer,
You are correct here. I am not talking about M-. (and ThingAtPoint+)

I tried my hand at elisp, and discovered the function `read-file-name'
that does invoke icicles. And voila, the following snippet covers most
of my use-cases.

(let ((hpp-file-name (read-file-name "Header File: " "/usr/include/")))
  (let ((pos (string-match "/usr/include/" hpp-file-name)))
    (if (not (eq nil pos))
        (substring hpp-file-name (+ pos (length "/usr/include/")))
      (let ((pos (string-match "/inc/" hpp-file-name)))
        (if (not (eq nil pos))
            (substring hpp-file-name (+ pos (length "/inc/"))))

I use this with yasnippet, and I am good to go.

That said, I am clueless about how to insert relative filenames, like:
# include "impl/SomeHeaderImpl.hpp"

# include "../RelativeHeader.hpp"

(B.V. Raghav)

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