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Re: Need "xemacs/init.el" => "emacs/init.el" help

From: Dale Snell
Subject: Re: Need "xemacs/init.el" => "emacs/init.el" help
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2016 13:45:03 -0800

On Thu, 21 Jan 2016 13:44:03 -0600, in message
address@hidden, Tom
Browder wrote:

> I have bitten the bullet to start using Emacs vs. my 20+ years using
> XEmacs use.  I have never been a real power user, but I have my
> init.el doing the things I need most.
> So far I have discovered the excellent "M-x list-packages" way to
> install packages and have started trying to duplicate the behavior I'm
> used to with XEmacs.  I've also discovered Eric Schulte's "Emacs 24
> Starter Kit" here:
> but I will save that for a bit later.
> One of the things I use all the time in XEmacs is NO line wrapping
> except when I manually use function "fill-paragraph".  (I have that
> bound to a key for ease of use.)  I will admit that the
> "fill-paragraph" didn't work reliably in XEmacs in all modes (I hope
> Emacs will be able to fix that), but for the most part it does what I
> need in XEmacs.  But I cannot get it to work in Emacs.
> Here's my entire Emacs init.el at the moment (all blank lines and some
> comments removed):
> ; Personal emacs mods of Tom Browder
> (require 'package)
> (add-to-list 'package-archives '("melpa" .
> "";)) ; packages installed via M-x
> list-packages: ;   perl6-mode
> (setq-default major-mode 'text-mode)
> (set-default 'truncate-lines t)
> (setq-default fill-column 70)
> (global-set-key [f6] 'fill-paragraph)
> ; prefer cperl for Perl 5
> (defalias 'perl-mode 'cperl-mode)
> So far, and only using a text buffer, the truncate lines t seems to
> work, but I can't get any such line to wrap with the "fill-paragraph"
> function.

Here are some lines from my init file:

;;; Set the major mode for new buffers to text-mode:
(setq major-more 'text-mode)
;;; Set the fill column:
(add-hook 'text-mode-hook (lambda () (setq-default fill-column 66)))

Also, Emacs defines M-q to run fill-paragraph by default; there's
no need to define your own keybinding.

Anyway, I hope this helps.


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