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Re: I'am root user, but 'emacs /etc/sudoers' still report Buffer is rea

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: I'am root user, but 'emacs /etc/sudoers' still report Buffer is read-only: #<buffer sudoers> in modeline
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2015 02:25:54 -0600
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Show Dont wrote:
> I want to edit /etc/sudoers for add 'git ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL' in it. I
> am ready the root user, but emacs still can not edit the
> /etc/sudoers.

Use C-q C-x to toggle read-only status.  It starts off read-only
because the file permissions are read-only.  If you are the root
superuser then you can toggle the buffer read-only status and then
edit the file anyway and override the file permissions on save and
write the file anyway.

Here is the documentation.

Specifically for the suders file it is a good idea to use the
'visudo' command to edit that file.  It will make a copy of the file
for editing and then will validate the syntax before saving.  It
prevents typos and accidents breaking the sudo configuration, which
might prevent a sudo only user from having sudo to fix the problem.
'visudo' respects the EDITOR variable and will invoke emacs as the
editor if EDITOR is set to emacs.

I highly recommend using the visudo command for editing the
/etc/sudoers file.  It will make a writable copy and therefore you
won't need to toggle the read-only status.


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