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Re: Minibuffer tray to display current time and date

From: Dan Espen
Subject: Re: Minibuffer tray to display current time and date
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2015 21:11:57 -0400
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address@hidden (Jorge A. Alfaro-Murillo) writes:

> Eli Zaretskii writes:
>>> From: address@hidden (Jorge A. Alfaro-Murillo) 
>>> Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2015 10:57:42 -0400  Eli Zaretskii writes:  
>>> > Instead of arguing, just look at how display-time-mode does 
>>> > it,  this problem is already solved there. 
>>>  It does it exactly as I had proposed at the beginning 
>>> (run-at-time  t 60 ...) 
>> You are missing the call to timer-set-time, I think.
> Thanks... I see, it seems like every time that the display-timer 
> runs it updates its interval. That doesn't seem very efficient, 
> but there could be a good reason why they did it that way.

How is that not efficient?

That's exactly the way I did it about 30 years ago
on an IBM mainframe.  Works for anything you want running
at a regular interval.  First pop is 60 seconds.
Odds are, it will pop at 61, or even 62 depending on system load, etc.
So, the next wait should be 60, 59, or 58.

Dan Espen

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