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Re: Speck (Spell checker for Emacs)

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Speck (Spell checker for Emacs)
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2015 12:34:06 +0200

> It sounds like speck.el "needs work" to be able to work out of the box
> with Hunspell.  The problem is this default:
>   (defcustom speck-hunspell-library-directory 
>     "Name of Hunspell library directory.
>   This should specify the absolute name of the directory where the
>   Hunspell dictionaries reside.  The default value is the directory where
>   the Hunspell executable resides."
> What it means is that speck.el will instruct Hunspell to look for
> dictionaries in the same directory where the Hunspell executable
> resides, which is never going to work with a "normal" installation of
> Hunspell.

Initially, speck was written without Hunspell support.  I added it as
soon as the first executables for Windows appeared (that was quite some
time before any other Emacs Spell Checker was able to talk to Hunspell).
The customization variables are still from that early period, there was
no "normal" installation procedure at that time IIRC.  Moreover, I never
upgraded my spell engines since then.  So probably support is missing or
incorrect in this area.

> As a result, the only variant is
> (setq speck-hunspell-library-directory "")

I faintly remember Xah Lee spending hours on setting up Hunspell for
Windows until he gave up.  Maybe that was the reason.


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