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Re: [solved] Re: How to uninstall Emacs?

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: [solved] Re: How to uninstall Emacs?
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2015 14:05:14 -0600
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Rusi wrote:
> [To Bob]
> Any suggestions for making a victim (oops experimental) windows
> running on a VM running on stock (debian/ubuntu) linux?

I am fortunate that I don't need to work with MS-Windows.  That means
that I only know about it through hearsay.  But you are wanting to run
MS-Windows on GNU/Linux?  Is that right?  Why?

If you are on MS-Windows and want to create a VM I hear good things
about VirtualBox.  However that name recognition does not extend in
the reverse direction.  VirtualBox on GNU/Linux is not very good.  It
was declared unsupportable by the Linux kernel folks a while back.[1]
I don't think that situation has changed.  So unfortunately people
running on MS-Windows often have good results with VirtualBox there.
Then they try to transfer that knowledge to running VirtualBox on a
Linux kernel system and though it sometimes works the general
experience isn't not great overall.  I inherited a Fedora system
running VirtualBox and I found the experience lacking.  I eventually
converted it to something different.


> I dabbled in virtualbox for a while but could not get it to work.
> [Actually dabbled too little to say for sure]

VirtualBox on MS-Windows?  Or on GNU/Linux?  On a Linux kernel system
my experience with it was not good either.

> I guess the goto-point nowadays is VMWare?
> There seem to be too many options... as usual...

On GNU/Linux my reading of the two most popular free(dom) software
virtualization systems is Xen and KVM.  Xen has a longer history.  KVM
is the newcomer rising star.  Which to pick?  Probably the answer
depends upon everything.  I think there will be strong advocates for
each.  I think each can do the task well.  The choice is yours.

Personally I am running a libvirt encapsulation of KVM for my VM
systems for both testing and production.  It is robust and relatively
simple to work with.  But I know that someone running Xen would say
the same thing.  libvirt will encapsulate either.  It is basically
happy scripts to hide some of the underlying complexity.


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