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Re: [solved] Re: How to uninstall Emacs?

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: [solved] Re: How to uninstall Emacs?
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2015 15:16:16 -0600
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Rodolfo Medina wrote:
> I've been using Debian for nine years now and have never thought nor
> do I think to change.

After nine years you would be considered a seasoned veteran! :-)

> Sid difficult to use?  Perhaps, but I want to try.  And learn at my
> own risk.

Then please go for it!  Don't let me talk you out of it.  :-)

It can be a firehose of information, lots of it, but I suggest that as
a Sid Unstable user monitor the address@hidden mailing
list.  This can be read through the web archives as well as through a
standard email reader.  Jessie 8 is due to be released April 25th.  At
that time there will be a lot of changes happening for the next few
months.  Don't be shy about asking questions about Unstable or Testing
there as that is the place to do it.  For the most part other people
will hit the problems first and talk about it and one can simply read
the information there first and be forewarned about it.

> Also Linux instead of Windows was difficult, also plain TeX instead
> of LaTeX, also Emacs instead of any other text editor were difficult
> to use and they discouraged me to do so, but I've been using all
> them for many years now and am happy with them.  With Debian Sid I
> will see.  Maybe I'll get back to Stable, maybe not.

The best thing about working at the levels that you describe above is
that you know how everything works.  You get to understand it all.
When something breaks you get to fix it and by doing so gain the
experience to do something more difficult next time.

I also suggest that people keep a journey log of their travels through
the system.  Memory is a fickle thing.  Confirmation bias is always
skewing our beliefs.  The palest ink is better than the strongest
memory.  Keeping data on the reality can keep us objective.


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