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RE: Bookmark the end of file?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Bookmark the end of file?
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2015 13:42:38 -0700 (PDT)

> > > I think it'd be OK to refine the current code such that a bookmark
> > > that's at a position equal to point-max would be marked as "go the EOB"
> > > instead of "go to the position that happened to be EOB back when we
> > > created the bookmark".
> >
> > Unless that's not what the user wants. ;-)

> > Do you assume that most users want to track eob in such a case? ...
> > Consider also this comment for the code that automatically
> > relocates a bookmark when you jump to it, to keep it within/near
> > its originally recorded context:
> >
> > ;; ... it's better to be put before it so you can read it,
> > ;; rather than after and remain perhaps unaware of the changes.
> The EOB is an extremely important part of the context.  So, yes, if
> point was at EOB when you set the bookmark, I think the user will
> more often be satisfied if we store "EOB" rather than if we store
> "the position that was EOB when the bookmark was set".

Unless that's not what the user wants. ;-)

As I said, 

> > there are different use cases to consider.  One approach is to
> > offer users some ways to obtain one or the other behavior after the
> > (ordinary) bookmark has been created....  Another approach could be
> > to let users choose the behavior when a bookmark is created at eob

Even if you were right that one use case is more common, why
wouldn't we want to let users control the behavior, instead of
deciding it for them at coding time?

IOW, instead of guessing what will make users "more often be
satisified", why not let them decide what satisfies them in any
given context?

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