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How to prevent Emacs from translating beginning of file path into "~"?

From: MBR
Subject: How to prevent Emacs from translating beginning of file path into "~"?
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2015 03:02:09 -0400
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The Emacs command ^x-^f (find-file) fills the mini-buffer with the full path to the current directory and then waits for you to type the filename. I often I find it a useful way to copy the current directory to the system's clipboard so I can paste the path into some other application. For example, in Emacs I'll type:

   ^x-^f (put path to current directory into mini-buffer)
   ^a             (go to beginning of line)
   ^k             (kill from beginning to end of mini-buffer, with the
   side effect of putting that string into the system clipboard)
   ^g             (cancel out of mini-buffer)

At this point I can paste the path into any non-Emacs application by typing CMD-v (in OS-X) or CTRL-v (in Windows or Linux).

But there's a problem. Current versions of Emacs (I'm currently running Emacs 24.3.1 under OS-X) try to be smart and replace the beginning of the path with "~" if it matches the logged in user's home directory. Unfortunately, some applications don't understand paths that begin with "~".

Is it possible to configure Emacs to put the full path (beginning with "/") into the mini-buffer, rather than just the path from the home directory (beginning with "~")?

       Mark Rosenthal

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