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Seek advice about crashes dealing with fonts/faces

From: Ludwig, Mark
Subject: Seek advice about crashes dealing with fonts/faces
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2015 22:19:40 +0000


I've had Emacs 24.4 crash a couple of times this week, and
wonder if anyone else has seen anything like this or has
advice about how to make an actionable bug report.

Emacs is running on Solaris, with the X display pointing to
eXceed (i.e., Windoze).

Both of the core dumps have the same 8 functions leading up
to a bus error (SIGBUS):

FcPatternObjectFindElt (causes/triggers the SIGBUS)
Two different functions call font_load_for_lface in my two
core files, and the rest of the calls are quite different.

I can't reproduce this at will, but I have a feeling it will
recur.  Any advice about how to catch it or get better
diagnostic information for a bug report?  I tried searching for similar bugs, and don't see any -- but I
might not be searching effectively.  Do I already have
enough for an actionable bug report?  (I don't think I do.)

I built this Emacs, so I can rebuild it if it will help
diagnose this.  I abbreviated the stack trace, but it has
line numbers in the bottom five functions.  The top three
are obviously Lisp....

Thanks in advance,
Mark Ludwig
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Product Lifecycle Management

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Shoreview, MN  55126 United States 
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