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[ANN] Srefactor 0.3 with Emacs Lisp source code formatter

From: zokkoven
Subject: [ANN] Srefactor 0.3 with Emacs Lisp source code formatter
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2015 11:33:52 -0700 (PDT)
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If you are new, see the old demos for C/C++:

What's new in this release?

- Lot of bugs were fixed.
- Local variable renaming now has highlighting over actual variable instances 
to be renamed. As a reminder, actual variable instances mean that only variable 
instances of the same type with the same name in the same scope. For example, a 
user may see two variables, `A::var_1` and `B::var_1` with the same name and 
the same type, but only `A::var_1` is highlighted when renaming and `B::var_1` 
is not highlighted, because the one highlighted is in the same scope as the 
variable user chose to rename.
- Improve getter/setter generation:

  + Users can specify a regexp to remove a part of variable name such as 
prefixes like "m_" or "_".
  + Users can capitalize the first character of variable name in getter/setter 
with `srefactor--getter-setter-capitalize-p`. So, user can combine with 
`srefactor--getter-prefix ` and `srefactor--setter-prefix` to generate getters 
and setters like `get_Age` or `getAge` or `set_age` or `setAge`.
  + Allows getter/setter to be inserted in other file (file with the same name 
but different extension).

- Add initial support for Emacs Lisp refactoring with code formatting (not just 
indentation). See buffer formatting and one line/multiple line transformation 

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