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RE: Bookmark+ stopped working

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Bookmark+ stopped working
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2015 10:00:48 -0700 (PDT)

> Should be OK now.  Please download the latest bookmark+-lit.el from
> Emacs Wiki, or wait up to a day for it to be mirrored on MELPA.
> Or just load bookmark+-mac.el and then byte-compile bookmark+-lit.el.
> (There was a missing require for the macros file in bookmark+-lit.el.)

Nope; that was not sufficient.  Please update Bookmark+ using the files
I uploaded today.  In particular, there is a change to the macros file,
`bookmark+-mac.el', so this notice applies, if you byte-compile:

 ;; WHENEVER you update Bookmark+ (i.e., download new versions of
 ;; Bookmark+ source files), I recommend that you do the following:
 ;; 1. Delete ALL existing BYTE-COMPILED Bookmark+ files
 ;;    (bookmark+*.elc).
 ;; 2. Load Bookmark+ (`load-library' or `require').
 ;; 3. Byte-compile the source files.
 ;; In particular, ALWAYS LOAD `bookmark+-mac.el' (not
 ;; `bookmark+-mac.elc') BEFORE YOU BYTE-COMPILE new versions of
 ;; the files, in case there have been any changes to Lisp macros
 ;; (in `bookmark+-mac.el').
 ;; (This is standard procedure for Lisp: code that depends on
 ;; macros needs to be byte-compiled anew after loading the
 ;; updated macros.)

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