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Re: translating numpad keys in linux terminal

From: Tim Johnson
Subject: Re: translating numpad keys in linux terminal
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2015 18:56:58 -0800
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* Emanuel Berg <address@hidden> [150402 17:49]:
> Dan Espen <address@hidden> writes:
> >> Perhaps someone in this list that is familiar with
> >> just exactly what the '-nw' option does can
> >> enlighten us?
> >
> > From the docs:
> >
> > Don't communicate directly with the window system,
> > disregarding the DISPLAY environment variable even
> > if it is set. This means that Emacs uses the
> > terminal from which it was launched for all its
> > display and input.
> >
> > The terminal gets and sends X Events.
> >
> > Emacs gets and sends _characters_ to and from
> > the terminal.
> >
> > Sometimes Emacs may get signals from the terminal,
> > like when the terminal is resized.
> >
> > Emacs in a terminal does not see X Events.
> >
> > So, your issue is what does the terminal send to Emacs
> > when you hit a KP key,
> >
> > Terminals like rxvt and xterm give you
> > complete control.
> >
> > gnome-terminal, sorry, I don't use it.
> Case closed.
  My workstation is a Mac Mini. To recap, I get unique translations
  of numeric keypad input to 'emacs' running from iTerm2.

  I didn't get the same uniqueness when I booted the same machine
  into ubuntu 14.04 and ran 'emacs -nw' from gnome-terminal.

  The terminal emulator controls what emacs gets when it is in
  terminal - this from the good people who responded to my

  As has been pointed out, rxvt _does_ translate numeric keypad
  uniquely (unlink gnome-terminal). By starting rxvt in my setup and
  then invoking emacs -nw and then running <help>-c, I can see that
  M-O sequences are being generated (that is Alt-Shift-(the capital
  letter "O")).

  If I so choose then I could build unique definitions of keypad
  input by runing emacs in terminal mode from rxvt (or presumable
  X11 emacs in ubuntu is preferable to AquaMacs on OS X, (for me
  anyway) and I can just use it.

  Thanks for all the input. Great thread.

tim at tee jay forty nine dot com or akwebsoft dot com,

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