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Re: pattern-identification-data-extraction-format-string

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: pattern-identification-data-extraction-format-string
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2015 02:03:44 +0100
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Philipp Stephani <> writes:

> Using the 's' package you could simplify this to:
> (require 's) (defun match-data-format (data match
> format-str) (apply #'message format-str (cdr (s-match
> match data))))

's' is in MELPA as

    s is an available package.

         Status: Available from melpa -- [Install]
        Archive: melpa
        Version: 20140910.334
        Summary: The long lost Emacs string manipulation library.
       Keywords: [strings] 

    The long lost Emacs string manipulation library.

So "simplify" I don't know. But it looks
interesting nonetheless.

underground experts united

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