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[solved] Re: Footers cut off in ps-print files

From: Rodolfo Medina
Subject: [solved] Re: Footers cut off in ps-print files
Date: Thu, 05 Mar 2015 21:40:04 +0000
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Rodolfo Medina <> writes:

> I've been forming, for years, ps files from Emacs with `M-x
> pr-ps-buffer-preview' and `M-x pr-ps-buffer-print' without problems.  But
> now, in my brand new Debian system, when I do that, the page numbers in the
> ps file are half cut off.  Besides, footers are also cut off when gv opens up
> old ps files created in the above way, even though they're correctly viewed
> by gv within my old Debian box.  Here are my settings:
>   (setq ps-print-footer t
>       ps-print-footer-frame nil
>       ps-top-margin 18
>       ps-bottom-margin 14
>       ps-left-margin 12
>       ps-right-margin 0
>       ps-print-header nil
>       ps-show-n-of-n nil
>       ps-footer-lines 1
>       ps-footer-offset 0
> )
> Do you think the problem concerns only gv and Debian, or can I do something
> within Emacs to work it out?  I'm attaching a test ps file, in which the page
> number is half cut off.

The problem was worked out just adding to my ps-print settings the following

        ps-footer-font-family 'Times

, so it was certainly related to the default footer font family that should be,
I think, Helvetica.  So there must be a global problem in my system (Debian
Sid) with that font, although I don't know what and would be curious to know.
It is so also explained why the problem arised as well with old ps-print files
and, as well, when simply using ps2pdf to convert them to pdf format.

Thanks to anyone that helped.


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