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RE: Opening a bookmark in the init file

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Opening a bookmark in the init file
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2015 16:56:20 -0800 (PST)

> For years I've setup Emacs so it presents me with my ToDo list at
> startup.  It doesn't put me in the right place in the file though.  I
> can bookmark the place in the file, but using bookmark-jump in the init
> file doesn't work and it doesn't work in emacs-startup-hook either.

Why doesn't it work in your init file? Of course you will need to
load your bookmarks file before trying to jump to the bookmark.

But doing that and jumping to a bookmark is just invoking Lisp
functions.  Nothing special - you can invoke pretty much any
Lisp functions you like from your init file.

I suggest that you specify in detail what you have tried, and
perhaps people here will be able to help.  If you do that, keep
it simple - an init file that does only what you are trying to
do in this regard.

Start by just trying to jump to a simple bookmark from your init
file - not a special bookmark (just a static file position),
not involving any other code, whether Org to-do stuff or anything
else, and with a bookmarks file that contains very little - maybe
only that bookmark.  And start from `emacs -Q`, of course.

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