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Re: How to reload an updated library?

From: Alexis
Subject: Re: How to reload an updated library?
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 2015 13:35:00 +1100

On 2015-03-02T13:22:02+1100, Tory S. Anderson said:

TSA> You're right; usually I rely on Elpa/MELPA, but I believe TSA> (correct me if I'm wrong) that even MELPA takes a day to update, TSA> hence my use of the git repo.

No, MELPA rebuilds modified packages roughly every hour (or two at most). So when i push changes to the GitHub repo for any one of the Emacs packages i maintain, a new version of the relevant package is usually available for download within 1-2 hours (sometimes much less, if i've pushed the changes minutes before a scheduled MELPA build).


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