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Re: Bookmark a PDF, open in external program

From: Tory S. Anderson
Subject: Re: Bookmark a PDF, open in external program
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2015 13:49:02 -0500
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Excellent answer. Thanks, Drew. 

Drew Adams <> writes:

>> I use the Bookmarks+ module (perhaps not relevant). I also frequently read
>> PDFs. But when I bookmark a PDF, jumping to it causes it to open within
>> emacs, rather than with my system default viewer. There are many people
>> asking similar questions online but the answers don't seem to fit; I can't
>> use the dired solution of `!` to execute a shell command in this case. Any
>> tips?
> Since you use Bookmark+ the answer is yes, you can easily open
> a bookmark that targets a PDF file using any application you like,
> and you have several possibilities:
> You can use option `bmkp-default-handlers-for-file-types' to
> control which operation (bookmark handler) to use by default,
> for which file types (e.g. PDF).
> `M-x customize-option bmkp-default-handlers-for-file-types'
> This is a set of associations (an alist), with each key being
> a regexp matching file names, and with each associated value
> being a Lisp sexp that evaluates to either a shell command
> (a string) or an Emacs function (a symbol or lambda form).
> You can think of `bmkp-default-handlers-for-file-types' as
> somewhat analogous to `auto-mode-alist'. But it maps file-name
> patterns to file actions instead of mapping them to buffer
> modes. And it has an effect only when you use certain commands.
> The default value of `bmkp-default-handlers-for-file-types'
> is taken from the value of `dired-guess-shell-alist-user', so
> you can, if you prefer, just customize that option.  (That
> option comes from standard library `dired-x.el'.)
> If `bmkp-default-handlers-for-file-types' specifies no
> matching association for a given file, and if option
> `bmkp-guess-default-handler-for-file-flag' is non-nil,
> then Bookmark+ guesses a shell command to use.  It uses
> `dired-guess-shell-alist-default' (first) and your mailcap
> entries (second) to guess.
> A bookmark that was created for a file without visiting it
> (e.g., using `C-x p c f' or `C-x p c a') has its `file-handler'
> property set automatically to the handler specified for its
> type by `bmkp-default-handlers-for-file-types'. 
> If you are on MS Windows, then, in _addition_ to what is
> said above:
> * In the `*Bookmark List*' display you can use any of these to
>   open bookmarks using associated Windows `Open' applications:
>  `M-RET'     - `bmkp-bmenu-w32-open': this bookmark (on this line)
>  `M-mouse-2' - `bmkp-bmenu-w32-open-with-mouse': clicked bookmark
>  `M-o'       - `bmkp-bmenu-w32-jump-to-marked': this bookmark &
>                                                 marked bookmarks
>   You can still associate particular bookmarks or file types
>   with particular shell commands or other programs, via option
>   `bmkp-default-handlers-for-file-types'.
>   But you can also take advantage of the file associations
>   that are defined outside Emacs, for Windows.  You can thus
>   have two different associations for the same file type and
>   use either of them whenever you want.
> * If you associate action `w32-browser' with a file type in
>   `bmkp-default-handlers-for-file-types' then you can use
>   command `bmkp-w32-browser-jump' (not bound to a key by
>   default) anytime to open a file of that type using the
>   Windows `Open' action.
> * You can use command `bmkp-jump-to-type' (`C-x j :') and
>   input `w32-browser' as the bookmark type, to limit completion
>   candidates to bookmarks that are associated with `w32-browser'.
> This is all covered in the Bookmark+ doc:
> * All of the doc:
> * `bmkp-default-handlers-for-file-types':
> * Using MS Windows file associations:

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