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Re: Advice on troubleshooting function to "unscroll"

From: Will Monroe
Subject: Re: Advice on troubleshooting function to "unscroll"
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2015 16:01:35 -0600
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Thank you for that mini-lesson to help me get started with Edebug! It's funny but I remember seeing a great visualization tool for Python scripts that graphically depicted the sequence of steps in simple scripts/programs. It was intended to help instruct novices and help debug code. I remember thinking, "if only there were something for Elisp tht did that". This is what I needed!


On 01/25/2015 03:55 PM, Marcin Borkowski wrote:

On 2015-01-25, at 22:43, Will Monroe <> wrote:


Thanks for your quick and friendly response!

You're welcome!

Thanks for the advice about Edebug.  It's definitely something that is
on my mind.  But over the last day or so, I've hesitated from diving
into Edebug because there was no "error" as such.  That is, the code
"worked" it just didn't do what I intended.  Wasn't sure Edebug would
help in a case like that...but your point is well taken.  Thank you!

It might.  It lets you step through the execution of some part of the
code, seeing the result of evaluating each and every expression along
the way.  It may be very helpful sometimes.  And it's easy to just start
with it: just define the function with C-u C-M-x ("instrument" it for
Edebug), and then -- when the execution gest to it (and pauses) -- use
SPC to step through it or `G' to continue without stopping.  When you're
happy with your understanding what's going on in the code, press C-M-x
on the defun again.  (There's a lot more to Edebug than this, but it
should be enough to get you started.)


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