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Re: Sharing .emacs.d between different hosts: issues with shared elpa fo

From: Rasmus
Subject: Re: Sharing .emacs.d between different hosts: issues with shared elpa folder
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2015 15:06:29 +0100
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Alexis <> writes:

> Karl Voit writes:
>> I read that sharing the elpa folder is not recommended and I guess
>> this results in issues like the one above.
>> I don't want to manage different sets of packages per host. So: how
>> do I accomplish working sharing of packages/dot-emacs?
> In terms of package management, you could perhaps use Pallet:
> to create a Cask file which you sync between your various systems, and
> then do `pallet-install` and `pallet-update` as required.

Here's what I do

    ;;* PACKAGES
    ;; Start by loading package

    (setq package-archives '(("gnu" . "";)
                             ("melpa" . "";)
                             ("marmalade" . 


    (defcustom rasmus/packages '(async auctex darkroom)
      "Packages to install.")

    (defun install-packages (pkgs)
      (let (updated)
         (lambda (pkg) (unless (package-installed-p pkg)
                         (unless updated
                           (setq updated t))
                         (package-install pkg)))
      (install-packages rasmus/packages)

    (defun update-packages ()
      "Upgrade all installed packages."
      (cl-letf (((symbol-function 'yes-or-no-p) (lambda (&optional arg) t))
                ((symbol-function 'y-or-n-p) (lambda (&optional arg) t)))
        ;; don't ask questions...  This may be risky.

This file is part of ~/annex/conf.annex/.emacs.d  From ~/annex I do 

     stow -r conf.annex

My emacs.d look something like this:

    bookmarks -> ../annex/conf.annex/.emacs.d/bookmarks
    init.el -> ../annex/conf.annex/.emacs.d/init.el
    init-org-async.el -> ../annex/conf.annex/.emacs.d/init-org-async.el
    lisp -> ../annex/conf.annex/.emacs.d/lisp
    org-caldav-8b63d83.el -> ../annex/conf.annex/.emacs.d/org-caldav-8b63d83.el
    retired.el -> ../annex/conf.annex/.emacs.d/retired.el

Thus, ~/.emacs.d/elpa/ is local to each computer, but controlled (partly)
via init.el which is under version-control.  I can install additional
packages on each computer as desired.


Enough with the bla bla!

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