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Re: Need help with emacs clipboard.

From: Harry Putnam
Subject: Re: Need help with emacs clipboard.
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2015 15:50:23 -0500
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Bob Proulx <> writes:

> Hi Harry,
> Harry Putnam wrote:
>> Bob Proulx writes:
>> > This won't help you because you want the opposite but just to post my
>> > example this is what I do to configure emacs to be usable on the X
>> > desktop using the primary selection.
>> >
>> >       (setq transient-mark-mode nil)
>> >       (setq select-active-regions nil)     ; default is nil in 23, t in 24
>> >       (setq mouse-drag-copy-region t)      ; default is t in 23, nil in 24
>> >       (setq x-select-enable-primary t)     ; default is nil in 23, t in 24
>> >       (setq x-select-enable-clipboard nil) ; default is nil in 23, t in 24
>> >       (setq x-select-enable-clipboard-manager nil) ; new in 24, default is 
>> > t
>> Bob, just slipped in here to see if I could get you to show how to put
>> all that into a single statement that does all those things with one
>> command.
> I am sorry but there isn't one.  If you want each of those items then
> you need each of those items.

I meant a way to string a bunch of setq's together... Something like
(mixing languages .. but maybe it is clear?)

 setq [...]
 setq [...]
 setq [...]

>> I'm thinking to be able to turn it off and on quickly.
> This isn't something you would turn on and off.  Why does it need to
> be one single statement?  It isn't something one puts on a command
> line command.  It is a part of a much larger configuration.  This
> configuration normally goes into your emacs config, traditionally your
> ~/.emacs file although now available to configure other places too.
> It doesn't make any sense to change this while the emacs is running.


Doesn't it enable primary select and disable clipboard.

So might one want to go back the opposite way on occasion.

I was thinking like having it in emacs init files one way and be able to
go the other with  Shift+Alt+: (eval) .. some code <RET>.

Thanks for the answer and hefty thoughts...

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