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Re: Random bus error

From: Alexis
Subject: Re: Random bus error
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2015 17:10:42 +1100 writes:

> 2. I have very little knowledge of emacs debugger. Is there
> documentation somewhere on how to run emacs under a debugger?

See the file etc/DEBUG.

> Also, as I mentioned earlier, this crash is very random and nothing in
> specific triggers it, so I am not sure how running under a debugger
> might help.

Running Emacs under e.g. gdb can allow one to query for information
about the call stack, values of various variables etc. immediately after
the crash has happened, and before such information is irretrievably

> 3. This seems to be the closest to what might help. I did set the
> debug-on-error value in my .emacs, but my question is once the app
> crashes where do I find the crash log?

`debug-on-error` is more for debugging Emacs Lisp, presenting
debugging-related information in a new buffer whilst Emacs is still
running. App crashes are probably more likely to be occurring at the C
level, hence the need to run Emacs under a C debugger such as gdb - as
distinct from using the ELisp debugging facilities built-in to Emacs
(e.g. EDebug), which one uses from within Emacs itself.


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