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Re: Ding doing nothing

From: Marcin Borkowski
Subject: Re: Ding doing nothing
Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2015 22:08:27 +0100

On 2015-01-09, at 20:45, Marcin Borkowski <> wrote:

> On 2015-01-09, at 20:26, Sven Joachim <> wrote:
>> On 2015-01-09 19:38 +0100, Marcin Borkowski wrote:
>>> M-: (ding) does not make any sound (I use Ubuntu Linux and did not mess
>>> around with sound setting).  I can hear no sound in the graphical Emacs
>>> interface as well as in the terminal (both a terminal program under
>>> X and the text mode).  What might be the cause?  Visible bell works just
>>> right (if I turn it on, that is.)  Of course, I did my checks with
>>> emacs -Q.
>> Probably that's because (ding) uses the PC speaker, and Ubuntu disables
>> it by default.  If you run "sudo modprobe pcspkr", does the bell work?
> Nope.  Stupid Ubuntu.  It's making me more and more angry.  I though it
> is me (the owner of the machine) who should decide what is turned on and
> what is turned off.  Of course, in the "system settings" dialog there
> was no suitable option.  Why bother using Ubuntu over, say, Arch, if
> I have to hunt for text config files in /etc anyway?
>> To enable the PC speaker permanently, comment out the line with
>> "blacklist pcspkr" in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf.
> Thanks a lot!  I guess I'll restart my computer /only/ to check whether
> this works.

Well, it does not...  Maybe I should just live with it (and turn the
"visual bell" on).

>> Cheers,
>>        Sven
> Best,


Marcin Borkowski
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Adam Mickiewicz University

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