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comint: pretty printing

From: Catonano
Subject: comint: pretty printing
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2015 13:01:26 +0100

Probably a naive question, I apologize, but I could use some help

I would like inf-clojure to pretty print the output from the inferior
Clojure process

Now, this is what happens in an Elisp prompt
ELISP> '(:a :b (:c :d (:e) :f :g) :h :i)
(:a :b
    (:c :d
    :f :g)
    :h :i)

And this is what happens in my clojurescript prompt

boot.user=> (def my-list '(:a :b (:c :d (:e) :f :g) :h :i))
(:a :b (:c :d (:e) :f :g) :h :i)

It's Clojure code but there are no square brackets or curly braces. It
could be an Elisp list.

If I try to set

(setq comint-preoutput-filter-function '(pp))

and then

boot.user=> '(:a :b (:c :d) :e :f)
(:a :b (:c :d) :e :f)

no pretty printing.

Emacs 24.4.1

inf-clojure installed with el-get from its master branch on github

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