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Re: How to show all characters in a specific line

From: Harry Putnam
Subject: Re: How to show all characters in a specific line
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 2015 08:19:32 -0500
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Drew Adams <> writes:


>> But still (And no religious scrap intended) neither of those is
>> really as readable and handy as vim's :l  Which puts only an icon
>> in the place of \t (^I). It collapses the whitespace and puts a
>> series of ^I for however many \t were used.
> To get that effect, all you need to do is to tell Emacs to treat
> TAB the same way it treats other control characters (except newline):
> (aset (window-display-table) 9
>       (vector (make-glyph-code ?^ 'escape-glyph)
>               (make-glyph-code (+ 9 64) 'escape-glyph)))

Thanks for the helpful input and taking the time to walk me thru a


Looking for something else I stumbled upon the code snippet I thought
i'd lost:

Its pretty week, I guess,  since it only covers 2 things: 

(defun vi-list ()
  "Simulate a :set list in Vi."
  (standard-display-ascii ?\t "^I")
  (standard-display-ascii ?\n "$\n")

(defun vi-nolist ()
  "Simulate a :set nolist in Vi."
  (standard-display-ascii ?\t "\t")
  (standard-display-ascii ?\n "\n")

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