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Re: XKCD/541 compliance, anyone?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: XKCD/541 compliance, anyone?
Date: Fri, 02 Jan 2015 20:47:10 -0500
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>>>> Beware: syntax-propertize-function might already be in use, in which
>>>> case you should probably use add-function to combine the two.
>>> Hm.  My Emacs (24.3) doesn't have anything called add-function.  I
>>> checked on the interwebs, and it seems it's part of the new advice
>>> system.  I'll have to upgrade finally.
>> Tho you probably only need this syntax-propertize-smileys thingy for
>> modes which don't use syntax-propertize-function yet, so maybe
>> add-function is not really necessary.
> Not sure if I understand.
> I don't need my smileys thing for programming modes

Exactly: and most of the major modes which set
syntax-propertize-function are programming modes.

> Where I need it is mainly text, org, message and (la)tex modes.

Of those 4 modes, I think only latex-mode sets syntax-propertize-function.


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