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Re: emacs stackexchange beta site

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: emacs stackexchange beta site
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2014 23:01:53 +0200
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Drew Adams <address@hidden> writes:

>> By the way, I remember who rewarded you a bounty on
>> "Linux & Unix" years ago.
> No idea what you are talking about; sorry.

Here - my question and your answer. Today, that
question doesn't make much sense to me - it is a bit
silly actually. I wasn't happy with Rmail so I tried
all sorts of things before I learned of Gnus. It
doesn't matter one bit today. It says "asked Mar 6 '13"
so it wasn't that so old as I thought. Right about then
I stopped using the SX sites and that I never

>> If you have stayed on SX since then I take it you
>> are fond of the SX sites.
> I'm fond of helping people use Emacs. Same reason I
> answer questions here when I can and I have time. Same
> reason I file bug reports to improve behavior and doc.
> If everyone asked their questions here then I wouldn't
> look for Emacs questions on SO and SuperUser.

An Emacs-specific site will make it easier for you to
help more people.

>> You are fond of Emacs, of course. So: how can it be
>> you are not found of an Emacs SX site?
> I don't share your assumption that all Emacs
> questions and answers will be in the same place.
> That's all.

There will be more questions on Emacs, and most of
those will be in the new site.

> I asked you what makes you think that, and you just
> repeat that it will be the case. And yet you
> acknowledged that it won't be, that some Emacs
> questions and info will remain on other sites.

Yeah, but what is the problem with that? It is good
that there is an Emacs presence here and there, and
especially if they relate strongly to the purpose of
the "non-Emacs SX" site. That doesn't make a specific
site any less useful. Those entities don't eat each
other, on the contrary.

>> This doesn't make any sense to me. I'm the one not
>> liking the SX sites and I'm the only one (?) in
>> favor!
> Maybe your idea of what this proposal amounts to is
> unrealistic? I don't claim to have a clear idea of
> what it entails either, which is why I raised the
> question at the proposal page. No clear answer there,
> so far. And none here either. Just your claim that
> tomorrow there will be a chicken in every pot.

No, I don't expect a revolution but it'll be one more
Emacs site that is useful, and appealing to many
people. This list/group will go on, the EmacsWiki will
go on, everything will go on, it'll just be another
Emacs resource for people to use if they want to.

underground experts united

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