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RE: emacs stackexchange beta site

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: emacs stackexchange beta site
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2014 12:58:51 -0700 (PDT)

> >> Adding an emacs SX site just adds one more site to
> >> monitor, because I guess it won't be forbiden to ask
> >> an emacs question on superuser or tex in the future.
> >
> > That was exactly my point.
> That's the strangest point ever. How can an
> Emacs-specific site make it more difficult to monitor?
> It will be *easier* to monitor because all Emacs stuff
> will be at one place!

What makes you think that will be the case?

> > And I don't see any great "PR" advantage, personally.
> > Is it so hard for users of SE sites to learn about
> > tags and filters?
> Again, the tags will be much more elaborate and
> Emacs-specific on the Emacs site.

Nothing prevents you from creating Emacs-specific tags
today.  Make them as elaborate as you like.  Nothing
is more elaborate than elaborate-as-you-like.

> > Especially Emacs users and potential users?
> > If Emacs really needs PR that reaches past an
> > individual's ability to learn how to search for Emacs
> > questions and answers and throws "!! EMACS !!"
> > directly in their face so they'll notice it better,
> > then it's a sad day for Emacs and Emacs users
> > generally (IMHO).
> Emacs shouldn't be a holy grale at the end of the
> rainbow. I have no problems with kids and morons
> starting to use Emacs at any stage of their age/degree
> of moronity. It won't make anyone more stupid and some
> will learn tremendously from it. Some will contribute
> themselves, one day. We have schools and we force the
> kids to go there. We don't expect the kids to be
> alright and eventually figure out how to write, read,
> count, and behave, left all alone. We obviously can't
> force anyone to use the software we believe in but we
> can give it maximum exposure so that at least a
> fraction of the computer people of tomorrow will know
> of other software than the MS and Apple IDEs.

Blah.  But I do support the idea of anyone, "at any stage",
including kids and the supposedly mentally challenged,
starting to use Emacs.  Welcome!

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