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ispell-message and C-g: (error "Message send aborted") in byte-code

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: ispell-message and C-g: (error "Message send aborted") in byte-code
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2014 01:14:03 +0200
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In message-mode, if I do ispell-message and then do
C-g, it says "Message send aborted", and reports this
as an error.

That sounds a bit scary as no one said anything about
sending - I just wanted to spellcheck the message.

The help for ispell-message tells me:

    Check the spelling of a mail message or news post.
    Don't check spelling of message headers except the
    Subject field.
    Don't check included messages. [That is, quotes.]

This is exactly what I want.

But then it goes on speaking about sending (?), and how
to set it up for "GNUS 4" and "GNUS 5" (even how to
bind keys) and it mentions news-reply-mode-hook - which
I don't have - do you?

It all seems a bit confused - arcane, even.

If aborting spelling a message is considered an error,
it should just say "Message *spellcheck* aborted"
(instead of "send"). (But I don't think that's an
error, to be honest.)

underground experts united

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