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Re: Always using let*

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Always using let*
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 00:20:25 +0200
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Cecil Westerhof <address@hidden> writes:

> A good point. Writing code is 20% of the time and
> reading 80%. (Or so I am told.)

No, that all depends. For a small or medium-size
project with one developer, he will know his code so
well even maintaining it will basically be "writing
time", as he will know exactly where to change the code
the moment an error occur.

> But most of the time there is emphasis on speed of
> writing, not on easy maintenance.

You mean with silly books? "Write powerful programs
with C++ fast!"

I don't think there is an emphasis on speed but if
there were I would support it because contrary to what
many people think doing things fast almost always means
doing them better. When you do things fast you trigger
your brain to perform the most. The people who run the
best, are the people who run the fastest!

There is no contradiction between typing code fast and
having maintainable code.

underground experts united

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