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more LaTeX (was: Re: emacs and beginning of lines)

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: more LaTeX (was: Re: emacs and beginning of lines)
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2014 22:02:02 +0200
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Marcin Borkowski <address@hidden> writes:

>>> If you use a VCS and look at a diff from time to >
>>> time, filling might be a bad idea. (Though >
>>> visual-line-mode is not helpful then, either.)
>> Indeed, there are many times - notably all
>> programming and configuration modes - where you
>> don't want filling and absolutely not automatically
>> so.
> Is LaTeX mode a programming one? ;-)

LaTeX is definitely programming, but it is not
general-purpose programming (like C), or data-oriented
programming (like SQL), or anything like that.

I think the term is "domain-specific" and the domain is
typesetting documents and arranging material in
structured ways.

When I wrote what you quote, I meant general-purpose,
like C. But now that you say it, LaTeX offers a
borderline case: the programming parts of it, I don't
want to be filled, but I want the text part of it to be
(perhaps with the modification I suggested).

HTML on the other hand, I don't consider
programming but as with LaTeX, the text parts of an
.html file I would like filled, but not the tags that
set (and should so reflect) structure.

> And Org's tables - exportable to LaTeX & HTML - are
> really, really great. One time I had a table in LaTeX
> - two rows and lots of columns - and needed to
> transpose it. Good luck, unless you convert it to
> Org-mode (manually, but fast due to string
> replacing), then transpose it in Org (one command)
> and export back to LaTeX's tabular.

Stuff like that is great - when they work :)

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