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Re: latex-mode hook?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: latex-mode hook?
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2014 23:54:35 +0200
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Marcin Borkowski <address@hidden> writes:

> AFAIK, latex-mode is the built-in, very limited LaTeX

It always worked for me so I don't think it is that
limited. It has indentation, font lock, and, as
mentioned it is a mode so you can add stuff to it. I
have done some stuff in LaTeX that I consider very
creative, so perhaps the limitation stayed with the
mode, it didn't got to the user :)

> and LaTeX-mode is the AUCTeX's one

It would make for less confusion if they didn't call it
the same. auctex-latex-mode, perhaps. On the other hand
perhaps it was deemed the latex-mode was indeed limited
as you say and they wanted to make a push for AUCTeX.
On the third hand (or first foot), if auctex is a
thrid-party package, perhaps not much coordination was
put into this detail... (hm)

I don't have AUCTeX, but there is a package in the
Debian repos, auctex:

    AUCTeX is a comprehensive customizable integrated
    environment for writing input files for
    TeX/LaTeX/ConTeXt/Texinfo using GNU Emacs.

> (which is much, much better think autocompletion

I think
I think not

> Also the texmathp function.
> And parsing of \usepackage[...]{inputenc}. And more.

What are those?

> PS. Also, don't use \em, \bf & friends. They are
> evil. See e.g. ...

So people say but they always worked for me and I like
the syntax more. I'll read those URLs when I run out of
real problems. That should happen pretty soon... (?)
No, seriously, if I ever do an ambitious project like
that again, I'll change to the modern versions.

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