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Re: emacs and beginning of lines

From: Marcin Borkowski
Subject: Re: emacs and beginning of lines
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2014 22:47:13 +0200

Dnia 2014-09-06, o godz. 14:03:19
Teemu Likonen <address@hidden> napisaƂ(a):

> Do you want M-m (back-to-indentation) command?

BTW: back-to-indentation seems to be broken with visual-line-mode; it
doesn't take into consideration, well, /visual/ lines.  One might
argue that it is a feature, but I think this is a bug: I guess that
visual-line-mode is primarily useful for editing texts in natural
languages (or markup languages, like LaTeX in my case), so the default
behavior of M-m doesn't make much sense.


Marcin Borkowski
Adam Mickiewicz University

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