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Re: move-beginning-of-line moves to the very beginning instead of where

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: move-beginning-of-line moves to the very beginning instead of where it should
Date: Sun, 07 Sep 2014 20:24:09 +0200
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Though visual-line-mode can be practical sometimes, I
recommend auto-fill-mode or a version thereof. That
fills paragraphs as you type. Only, sometimes when you
edit stuff (after you have written a paragraph) you
have to (re)fill manually, with M-q (unless the edit
was an append).

But if you practice your thinking/spelling/typing
skills you more and more seldom have to do that. The
rare cases when you do have to do it manually are a
good barter for the big advantage of having the file
look as it does data-wise on you display.

C-a isn't the same everywhere even so. In the
message-mode, it is message-beginning-of-line which has
to do with the header section of an email where C-a
sensibly isn't the beginning of the header, but the
beginning of the header data.

Here is a cool DWIM version for writers of code. (He
who wrote it must be a real hacker himself.)

(defun back-to-dwim ()
  (let ((point (point)))
    (if (= point (point))
        (move-beginning-of-line nil) ))) ; ARG (nil =
  this line)

It seems the C-a in message-mode works the same way:
place point anywhere on a header line to the right of
the comma, and hit `C-a C-a'!

Interestingly for this issue the defun uses
move-beginning-of-line which docstring says it acts on
displayed lines, so that should (?) get "filled text
C-a behavior" for visual-line-mode broken lines - feel
free to try that, and report back what happened!

underground experts united

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