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Re: transparent access to zsh shell functions and aliases; and, the Emac

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: transparent access to zsh shell functions and aliases; and, the Emacs/tty/X clipboard issue
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2014 22:37:37 +0200
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Graeme Vetterlein <address@hidden> writes:

> Thanks for the *.el

I forgot, it also relies on the xo and xi in this file
for zsh:

And the "scroll/copy mode" part of this file, for tmux:

> BTW... I assume you bind these to some keys? ... Which
> ones did you use?

In general you assume correctly as I always want
everything shortcutted. Tho I don't think M-x is bad
(at all), and certainly one thousand times better than
the mouse, I think shortcuts are superior and
especially for editing commands.

However, in this case - I did all that that several
years ago, when I had just discovered Emacs.

At that time I didn't know of Rmail or Gnus, and not of
Emacs-W3M (or any other browser for Emacs). I did know
of Usenet, but I thought it was dead. So I still relied
on X do to mail, browsing, and technology discussion...

But even then I wanted to do everything in Emacs (to
have a uniform, programmable interface). So I tried
various ways to bridge the gap between Emacs and the
X/GUI applications. This is part of that project.

In time, I discovered all the other in-Emacs solutions
and gradually moved over to them, so those clever
schemes lost their allure. But I still use them, but
now seldom and almost always from another tty (with
tmux/zsh) into Emacs.

So long story short (?) today I use them so seldom the
meta-exes of xsel.el, namely

(defalias 'pst  'insert-X-clipboard)
(defalias 'xo   'insert-X-clipboard)

(defalias 'xi   'set-X-clipboard)
(defalias 'cpy' 'set-X-clipboard)

are fast enough :)

underground experts united

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