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'emacs -batch -eval ... -f ...' outputs everyday crunching to stderr?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: 'emacs -batch -eval ... -f ...' outputs everyday crunching to stderr?
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2014 04:31:45 +0200
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I have a Makefile [1] to manage all my Elisp.

Today I set out to make it not echo all the
"Loading..." and "Wrote..." stuff, and the command
itself (lots of noise, as repeated for each source
file), so that, when compiling, I would be able to
detect warnings and errors and not just drown in all
the other output.

'make -s' was the way to not echo the command, for the
other stuff I used sed:

# only errors and warnings should be outputed
sed-filter=2>&1 | sed '/^\(Loading\|Wrote\)/d'

The strange thing is that the 2>&1 is required. It
seems, 'emacs -batch -eval ... -f ...' outputs the
"Loading..." and "Wrote..." stuff to stderr - any
ideas why?

Other comments also welcome.

I include several comments to make the Makefile


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