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Re: A package in a league of its own: Helm

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: Re: A package in a league of its own: Helm
Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2014 17:01:22 +0100
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First, thanks for the tutorial. I've tried helm (and anything) several
times, but never got on with it as I have found the experience too
confusing. I've always reverted to ido. I like the idea of helm because
it is more pervasive than ido and can do several things at once. I
dislike the practice of helm because too many things happen at once (and
the wiki is incomprehensible).

The thing that I am stuck on at the moment, is file navigation. With
ido.el, I use [tab] or [del] to move up or down directories (and carry
on selecting). With helm I have to use C-l C-j which I find much slower
because of the double keypress and because C-k is in the middle.

I don't get the behaviour you are talking about with helm. I get a
single directory at once, and I have to navigate through it to get to
the files I want.

Clearly I doing something wrong!


<address@hidden> writes:
> Consider this path: arch/x86/boot/main.c
> Can you type the file name first: "main.c", then add "x86" to get the correct
> file above? I'm pretty sure ido+flx can't do that, but maybe I'm missing
> something.
> With Helm, you can simply specify "mai x86" and it narrows to 3 candidates
> with the above path at the top. The file is in Linux kernel source.
> Maybe you misunderstood my statement about precise remembering project
> structure. What I meant was you have to remember the correct path ordering,
> and that requires you to be familiar with the directory structure. Whlie in
> Helm, I'm completely new to a directory and simply know nothing about
> directory structure. With Helm, I can start pop up questions like "is there a
> main.c that is relate to x86 arch?" and so on.

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