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when you gotta have a variable value for a symbol name

From: Buchs, Kevin J.
Subject: when you gotta have a variable value for a symbol name
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 16:37:06 -0500
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I want to evaluate (kmacro-name-last-macro variable), where I want the value of "variable" passed as the symbol name. Despite years of trying, I don't think I ever really conceptually "got" the distinction between symbols and variables and that seems to be critical here. I'm working with the code below, but it is not suceeding in naming the macros (no error messages, however). Of course (kmacro-name-last-macro 'my-macro) works just fine.

Kevin Buchs   Research Computer Services   Phone: 507-538-5459
Mayo Clinic   200 1st. St SW   Rochester, MN 55905

(defun name-my-macro-sequentially ()
  "Names the last recorded macro as my-macro#, where # is a number sequentially 
   (unless (boundp 'my-macro-counter) (setq my-macro-counter 0))
   (setq my-macro-counter (1+ my-macro-counter))
   (let ((macro-name (format "my-macro-%d" my-macro-counter)))
      (kmacro-name-last-macro (make-symbol macro-name))
      (message "named keyboard macro %s" macro-name)))

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