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exporting nested list to CSV file

From: Christopher Howard
Subject: exporting nested list to CSV file
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2014 10:52:21 -0800

Hi. I've been using the pcsv library to parse data from external CSV
files, then using various elisp functions to filter/munge the
data. Afterwards, I was sad to discover that pcsv does not have any
functions for /writing/ data back to a CSV file.

Since the data is well-structured, presumably this shouldn't be hard
to do. Could I get some guidance on what would be the simplest
approach? Is there another library I've overlooked? Or some built-ins
that would be especially helpful? The data are in lists like so:

(("row0datastring", "row0datastring", "row0datastring", ...)
 ("row1datastring", "row1datastring", "row1datastring", ...)

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