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Re: goof in small function where???

From: Joost Kremers
Subject: Re: goof in small function where???
Date: 22 Jul 2014 09:41:27 GMT
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ken wrote:
> The function below half works: it does put the buffer-file-name into the 
> kill ring, but nothing is displayed in the minibuffer.  Why?  And how to 
> fix this?
> (defun file-name-into-kill-buffer ()
> "Put path/filename of current buffer onto kill-ring so to paste
> into an X application.  Also display it in minibuffer."
> (interactive)
>       (let ((str (buffer-file-name)))
>         (and str
>              (kill-new str)
>              (message "Copied filename %s to kill ring" str)))
> )

Works for me. You're probably doing something (or Emacs does something)
that makes the message disappear right away. (Messages in the minibuffer
disappear as soon as you press a key or even hit a cursor key.)

Check the *Messages* buffer if the message is there (`C-h e` or mouse-1
in the minibuffer.[1])



[1] Thanks, Drew. (Sincerely.)

Joost Kremers                                   address@hidden
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