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Re: Feeling lost without tabs

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Feeling lost without tabs
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2014 12:11:28 -0600
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Dan Espen wrote:
> The multiple keys part is easy:
> (define-key global-map [(f9)] 'electric-buffer-list)
> Why hit 2 keys for something you do so often?

Since we are both using electric-buffer-list I know we are in the same
group on that.  It is great.  :-)

But as for binding to a function key to avoid C-x C-b being two keys I
will respond that F9 isn't in the home row of keys.  On the standard
IBM PC style keyboard one must move the hands from the home row and
find and hit that single key.  I touch type but I would need to look
to hit that one accurately.  That is a much higher finger workload
than simply typing two control keys from the normal finger typing
position that can be done by touch typing.

Although I expected that some people will raise the case that chorded
keys are multiple keys.  But at least in my brain chorded control keys
"feel" like one keystroke and not two.  Like many old Unix keyboard
users I bind the capslock key to be control so that it is where it
"should" be again.  Then I type control keys just about as quickly and
as effortlessly as any other non-control-chorded key.

I live by C-x C-b C-n ... SPACE all of the time to change buffers.
And to toggle back and forth between two buffers C-x b to select the
previously selected buffer.  It really goes very fast.

> For, me tabs would be a huge annoyance.
> I've got the WM set to no title bar for emacs.
> I've got emacs customized for no toolbar and no menubar.
> So, all I've got in Emacs windows is text.

Me too to all of the above.  Remove the extra fluff.  Maximumize the
amount of edit buffer for what I am editing.


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