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Re: a dark theme?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: a dark theme?
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2014 03:08:49 +0200
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Sharon Kimble <address@hidden> writes:

> Yes I use Gnus, but I'm still learning about it and
> tweaking it to get better performance. There is no
> "gmail interface", just downloading From gmail
> servers like this in my .gnus ...  auto-creates its
> own mail folders to mirror the source gmail. Then its
> just treated like any other email.
> But this is the "killer-code" which makes it possible
> to read emails From gmail ...

Yeah, but isn't that a contradiction in terms...? If it
is just fetched from the gmail servers and treated like
any other mail, why should you need any killer code at
all? Why isn't the ordinary gnus- and message- faces at
play? But feel free to drop this anytime as I don't use
gmail myself and even my super-human curiosity is
starting to wane...

underground experts united

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